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Online fitness training is remote fitness guidance delivered via the internet. Benefits include convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, personalized workouts, and access to professional trainers from anywhere. 

2. Why you should join Posse Fitness Training?

 Join Posse Fitness Training for the convenience, cost-effectiveness, personalized workouts, access to experienced 15-year instructors, variety, progress tracking, community support, privacy, and a global reach, all from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection. 

3. Who should join Posse Fitness Training?

 Posse Fitness Training is suitable for anyone, including busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, frequent travelers, introverts, those with health concerns, budget-conscious individuals, tech-savvy users, people seeking specialized training, self-motivated individuals, global fitness enthusiasts, those who prioritize efficiency, and the smartest individuals looking for data-driven fitness solutions.

4. Will I get Nutrition support?

 Posse Fitness Training provides complementary Ayurvedic nutrition support by Ph.D.-qualified professionals has 15+ years of experience.


5. Can I claim the refund?

 Yes, you can request a refund within 7 days if you are dissatisfied with our services. The refund amount will vary, accounting for taxes and the number of sessions you have consumed. 


6. What Kind of training format does PFT Provide?

 Posse Fitness Training provides a wide range of Workout Training Format SUch As  Kick-Boxing Cardio, Suspension Training, Aerobics, Yoga ( Six Different Style), strength training, Weight Training, Sports Conditioning, Functional Training, Animal Flow, Marathon Preparation ( 21 km & 42 KM), Rehabilitation (Our Speciality), Reconditioning, Dance, Zumba, Advance Weight Training,

7. What Kind of training types does PFT Provide?

 Posse Fitness Training offers various training options, including:

8. How can I determine which training format is suitable for me? 

"After completing the payment process, you will be prompted to undergo a fitness assessment, postural assessment test, and discuss your primary fitness goals. This complimentary service is offered to premium membership holders and is valued at INR 1500. It will help determine the most suitable training format for you." 

"It will decide your fitness path and the timeframe for achieving your goals. Additionally, it will aid in designing a perfect customized Ayurvedic nutrition chart tailored to your needs."  

9. Can my friend/ family member work out with me in the same time slot?

Yes, you can join." 

10. Will I get any referral or discount if refer my friend or family member?

 Yes, " we believe in creating a healthy community around us. As part of this initiative, we thank you for your motivation we offer you 10 complimentary sessions, and your friend will receive a discount on their first package or a 3-month premium membership." Your Friend can opt for any one offer. 

11. What other rewards are offered by PFT?

 "We kindly request you to submit your measurement data and weight photos every month to your assigned instructor or nutritionist. This allows us to track your performance. For every 1 kg of fat you lose, you will receive 2 free sessions. Additionally, if you refer a friend, you will earn 10 free sessions. If your attendance is 100% compared to your scheduled workout days, you will receive 2 free sessions and an additional 10% discount on your next package." 

12. What if I missed my session, does it affect my package?


"To avoid a No Show, please inform your assigned instructor at least 3 hours before your booked session via message, call, or email." 

13. What is the mode of communication to the back end or anyone concerned with me?

"We believe in maintaining a single-window communication system. If you need to communicate with your assigned instructor and are unable to reach them, please contact us via email at posse.ask@gmail.com. For managerial matters, please email posse.tejeshwar@gmail.com."